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Attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent is a top priority for employers. Finding innovative solutions to meet the personal needs of every employee can be a challenge.

Financial challenges are the #1 cause of employee stress, negatively impacting their wellness and your bottom line. By investing in employees’ financial wellness, employers see an average of $3 return on investment for every dollar spent. That return comes in a variety of forms, including:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Higher participation in employer benefits
  • Improved employee retention and performance
  • Reduced operating costs

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Financial Wellness at Work Report

BrightPlan - Financial Advice

Financial stressors are not only negatively impacting employees, but are costing the employers.

PWC Special Report: Financial stress and the bottom line

Solutions to fit your needs

Tailored Financial Wellness options, available individually or combined.

BrightPlan helps employees plan for and achieve life’s most important goals. We make it easy to create personalized goals, invest to achieve them and actively track progress towards success.

Employees can view all their financial accounts (e.g., the current company 401(k) or HSA) in BrightPlan and receive advice and education. Opening a BrightPlan Investment Account with a low minimum of $500 provides access to a Financial Advisor from our sister company, Plancorp.

Our sister company Plancorp, a Registered Investment Advisor, helps executives whose needs may extend beyond the BrightPlan offering. Whether it’s estate planning, equity incentives, income tax planning, or insurance planning, Plancorp advisors create a comprehensive strategy for financial success.

Our Plancorp retirement plan advisors specialize in complex plan design. We aim to maximize contributions for executives, while also managing overall plan costs.