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Advice for all

BrightPlan offers affordable, fee-only financial advice to inspire everyone to achieve their life and financial goals. Live creatively, let BrightPlan color neatly between the lines.


Goal-based financial planning

Full access to our sophisticated financial planning tools

  • $20 monthly planning fee (30 day free trial)
  • No investment required to get started

Plan + Invest

Goal-based financial planning 
+ automated investing

Only invest with us when you're impressed with us

  • $20 monthly planning fee (30 day free trial)
  • Zero management fee on your first $50,000 invested
  • 0.5% annual management fee on balances over $50,000

Product Features


PLAN + Invest

Create short and long-term financial goals

Receive a tailored investment plan for each goal

Specific savings advice to keep you on track

Data-driven simulations to analyze goals

Link external accounts from 10,000+ financial institutions to track goal progress

Consolidated view of your entire investment portfolio

Net worth and cash flow monitoring

Actionable progress reporting

Schedule one-time, monthly, or annual deposits to your goal

Automatically invest deposits according to your goal’s investment plan

Regular rebalancing to keep your risk in check

Smart dividend reinvestment

Tax mitigation strategies

Low-cost funds from Dimensional Funds Advisors and Vanguard 1

Accounts safeguarded at TD Ameritrade Institutional 2

Access to a dedicated Plancorp Planning Associate 3

Access to a dedicated Plancorp Wealth Manager 4

Need Help

Frequently asked questions

Goal-based financial planning costs $20 per month, the first month is free.

If you choose to invest with BrightPlan, there is a $500 minimum deposit per account.

The $20 planning fee is billed monthly by credit card, whether you’re using the planning service or the planning and investing service.

There is no management fee on your first $50,000 invested. Billing for the 0.50% annual fee above $50,000 invested is calculated at the end of each month, and deducted directly from your BrightPlan Managed Investment account at TD Ameritrade.

BrightPlan has selected a 3rd party custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional, to safeguard client accounts.


The role of a custodian is to safeguard client assets, process and settle trades, and compile and deliver client account statements.


TD is an industry leading custodian, safeguarding client assets for more than 6,000 registered investment advisors.

There are no additional fees for Planning clients.

Planning and Investing clients pay an annual asset based fee of 0.08% ($8 per year for every $10,000 invested) to TD Ameritrade, the account custodian, to cover the costs of maintaining the account including unlimited trading, electronic statement delivery, and asset protection.

The funds in BrightPlan model portfolios include expense ratios as defined in the prospectuses provided by the fund providers.

BrightPlan does not share in these fees, and we work to maximize the value you receive for every dollar you pay for these services.

Clients can speak with one of Plancorp's advisors about their financial plan when their assets managed or tracked by BrightPlan reach the following amounts. 


Annual Meeting with a Planning Associate: 

  • $50,000 invested with BrightPlan or
  • $100,000 in linked external accounts.


Meet annually with a planning associate to discuss your financial goals in depth.


Annual Meeting with a Wealth Manager:

  • $100,000 invested with BrightPlan or
  • $1,000,000 in linked external accounts.


Meet annually with a Wealth Manager about your financial plan or for advice after a major life event like having a child, retiring, marriage or divorce.