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A comprehensive financial wellness platform

The employee benefit to power your company's growth

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Compete successfully in today's full-employment economy

  • 46% of employees say that financial challenges cause the most stress in their lives.


    PWC Special Report – Financial Stress and the Bottom Line

  • Financially stressed employees are less productive, leave the company for higher compensation, experience health issues and are less engaged.


    Financial Fitness Group - Human Resources Magazine

  • Employees increasingly look to their employers to help them achieve financial security and wellness.


    Prudential report on Financial Wellness

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Increase profitability

95% of employers agree, financial wellness has been effective in reaching their bottom line


Bank of America Merrill Lynch - 2018 Workplace Benefits Report


  • Greater employee engagement / lower stress

  • Less employee turnover

  • Improvement in employee productivity / performance

  • Potentially lower health care costs for the company

By investing in employees’ financial wellness, employers see an average of $3 return on investment for every dollar spent


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Financial Wellness at Work Report


The BrightPlan financial wellness solution

Comprehensive, personalized, actionable, and measurable

  • A certified fiduciary – independent, objective advice held to the highest standard
  • Goals-based planning for all life goals, like home purchase, education, retirement or debt reduction
  • A single, integrated picture of investments across multiple financial institutions
  • Goal tracking, spending analysis and budgeting tools
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