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Visualize a beautiful life. Achieve it with BrightPlan.

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    A personalized roadmap to reach your financial goals

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    Automated investing based on Nobel Prize-winning research

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    Daily financial account analysis and goal progress reports

Certified Financial Planning

Partnering with employers

Financial wellness as an employee benefit

BrightPlan helps employees achieve financial wellness through digital goals-based planning, tailored education, and access to fiduciary advisors.

Discover the value of financial wellness

A custom plan for every goal

We make it easy for anyone to plan and invest for their life goals with customized financial plans, designed in minutes.

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Your digital financial advisor

Our advanced software creates a financial plan tailored to your goals. Every goal gets its own risk profile, timeline, portfolio and investment account.

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Recognized by the best

Certified Financial Planning

A human touch

Get professional advice

Chat with a Financial Advisor when you open a BrightPlan Investment Account with as little as $500.

These experienced advisors from our sister company Plancorp work with high net worth individuals daily to help them reach their goals. Now they can be your money mentor too.

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You're upwardly mobile, and BrightPlan is right beside you.

The BrightPlan App is everything you love about BrightPlan, plus...

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    Enhanced security features

    Keep your account safe with TouchID and Facial Recognition

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    Real-time notifications

    Receive timely alerts and personalized advice

Available for iPad, iPhone and Android.



The first digital advisor certified for fiduciary excellence

We're always looking out for you, not for kickbacks or hidden fees. Certification by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) means we adhere to the highest standards to act in your best interests.


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