BrightPlan announces partnership with UKG BrightPlan announces partnership with UKG

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Actionable Employee Well-being Insights

BrightPlan empowers you to meet the real-time needs of your diverse and global workforce.

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Unique Data-Driven Insights to Support Your Employees and
Drive Business Success

We live in an ever changing market, and high levels of financial uncertainty often leave business and HR leaders reacting to market conditions, trying to keep up.

Take control and stop being reactive to your employees’ shifting needs. BrightPlan’s Workforce Financial Wellness Gauge provides you with in depth data-driven insights on the financial health of your employees and how this affects key business metrics. Lean in and be proactive in supporting your employees’ well-being, drive productivity, and save your business valuable time and money.

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For enrolled employees, BrightPlan customers see a 55% increase in retention over the national average.1

The median BrightPlan user’s emergency savings rate is 2X that of the national median.2

The median BrightPlan user’s retirement savings rate is 61% higher than the national median.2

On average, the Workforce Financial Wellness Gauge doubles within the first six months of using BrightPlan.3

The First Digital Advisor Certified
for Fiduciary Excellence

Answering employees’ financial questions is high-risk and often off limits for HR teams. BrightPlan provides the answers to complex financial questions for employees and we’re certified for fiduciary excellence, so your employees can trust our advice.


BrightPlan is Your Strategic Partner

Once you embark on your financial wellness journey with BrightPlan, our team will start the rollout planning. We do the heavy lifting by listening to your needs, analyzing your company benefits and tailoring our content to match them.


BrightPlan provides a turnkey yet personalized launch experience. The launch typically involves a company-wide announcement and a remote financial wellness week filled with education sessions tailored to your company.

Post launch, BrightPlan works with your team to drive awareness and adoption. We continue to create custom content for your company, attend employee benefits fairs and conduct webinars on relevant topics.


BrightPlan provides employers with quarterly data and progress reports on benefits adoption and engagement, giving your team insights into how BrightPlan is helping your employees improve their financial well-being.

BrightPlan provides insights on the financial well-being of different segments of your employee population, and recommends next steps to bridge any wellness gaps.


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“Our partnership with BrightPlan is paying off. Active participation and employee engagement are up, and our HR team loves the way BrightPlan lets us track success week to week.”

Director of North America Benefits, Synopsys

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*Disclosure: We derive our information from a variety of sources we consider reliable, including historical data from fund managers, exchange data, published research, industry digests, and news media, but we do not guarantee that the information is accurate or complete. This webpage includes statements about BrightPlan by current clients. BrightPlan did not provide any compensation in exchange for these statements.

Sources: 1. Based on BrightPlan customer retention data against the national average for retention. 2. Savings rate is defined as national median retirement savings and national median emergency savings savings divided by the national median annual income. 3. Based on aggregated BrightPlan user data.