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Fiduciary Excellence

BrightPlan is a Registered Investment Advisor and legally required to act in our clients’ best interests

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The First Digital Advisor Certified for
Fiduciary Excellence

BrightPlan Value

Integrated & Trusted Solution

Complete solution from certified fiduciaries and access to financial planners from one of the nation’s top financial services firm

Total Financial Wellness

Comprehensive personal finance and wealth management solution that optimizes company benefits

Benefits Engagement

Tailored and programmatic financial education and financial planners that help drive utilization of company benefits

Seamless Experience

High quality and personalized employee experience seamlessly delivered across digital and human channels

Strategic Partner to HR Teams


Once you embark on your financial wellness journey with BrightPlan, our team will start the rollout planning. We do the heavy lifting by listening to your needs, analyzing your company benefits and tailoring our content to match them.


BrightPlan provides a turnkey yet personalized launch experience. The launch typically involves a company-wide announcement and a remote financial wellness week filled with education sessions tailored to your company.


Post launch, BrightPlan works with your team to drive awareness and adoption. We continue to create custom content for your company, attend employee benefits fairs and conduct webinars on relevant topics.

Engagement tracking

BrightPlan provides employers with quarterly data and progress reports on benefits adoption and engagement, giving your team insights into how BrightPlan is helping your employees improve their financial well-being.

Insights & Recommendations

BrightPlan provides insights on the financial well-being of different segments of your employee population, and recommends next steps to bridge any wellness gaps.


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