Total Rewards Statement for employees now available! Total Rewards Statement for employees now available!

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It’s All About Trust

We work hard to earn your trust by keeping your employees’ dreams and data secure

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Security Is Our Priority

Account Safeguards


Strict password protocols, identity verification, and automatic logouts.

Fraud Protection


Investment Accounts protected from fraud by TD Ameritrade’s Asset Protection Guarantee. Cash and investments are FDIC and SIPC insured respectively.

Strict Access Controls


BrightPlan does not have access to any login information for linked accounts.

Data Encryption


All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. BrightPlan requires the latest Transport Layer Security (TLS) for authentication and encryption.

Annual Audits


Audited annually to comply with the best fiduciary practices, including SEC privacy regulations.

Privacy Policy


BrightPlan does not sell or trade employee data. Only the personal information needed to provide our services is used. Read our privacy policy.

Integrated with Industry Leaders

BrightPlan leverages the security expertise of industry leaders to keep your employees’ information safe.


BrightPlan Technology partner logos: Salesforce; Heorku; Investnet Yodlee; Amazon AWS; Refinitiv


BrightPlan Financial partner logos: Ameritrade; Orion Commodities; Vanguard; Dimensional

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