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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment

A Continuous Focus on Employee Experience & Well-being

A Continuous Focus on Employee Experience & Well-being


Open enrollment has traditionally been seen as a discrete phase in a work year: the moment in time when employees choose their benefits for the year ahead. Forward-thinking companies are maximizing the value of open enrollment and transforming the process into a thoughtful year-long focus that involves:

This new paradigm empowers employees to feel valued and supported, positively impacting workplace culture and employee retention.

Employee well-being is
a significant investment

Employers spend on average 30% of an employee’s salary on benefits1

Employers need to
get it right

Despite the investment in benefits, 43% of employees name benefits as a chief reason for leaving their job2

Brokers and solution providers
play a critical role

81% of employers say brokers have a significant impact on the benefits they choose to roll out3

Discover how leading companies are enhancing the employee experience by transforming open enrollment into a year-long focus.

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