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72% of employees
are stressed about their finances

72% of employees
are stressed about
their finances


About The Survey

We surveyed 1,500 knowledge workers at companies with 1000+ employees in the U.S. between April-May 2022. This included a mix of HR decision-makers and employees in various industries including technology, healthcare, financial services, education, manufacturing, and energy.

Employees Are
Reevaluating Work
Work balance life

Employees are rethinking their professional and personal lives following mounting stress and changing workplace norms.

Financial Wellness
Benefits Are #1

Financial wellness benefits are the number one most desired employee benefit.

Want Help
9/10 employees expect financial support

88% of employees expect their employers to offer financial support.

Belonging Isn't

The feeling of safety and belonging varies by demographic. Nearly 1/3 feel only “somewhat” safe, accepted and comfortable at work.

Rising stress and economic uncertainty are impacting employee well-being and business success.

Learn more about what employees want in the post-COVID reality.

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