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Survey: Knowledge Worker Financial Concerns Reach New High Survey: Knowledge Worker Financial Concerns Reach New High

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Is a Financial Wellness Program the Key to a More Engaged Workforce?

Kaitlyn Tessmer

When it comes to stressors, financial matters are the top cause for your employees. In fact, according to a PwC study, 58% of employees say they are more stressed out about their financial situation than any other issue. Not only does financial stress impact health, it is also a major distraction at work that can inhibit productivity and engagement.

While this poses a challenge for employers, it also represents an opportunity to help lead your employees to financial success through a financial wellness solution. In turn, helping them become more productive, engaged and loyal. Financial wellness programs are a win-win for both the employer and employee.

Whether you are a newbie or an expert on financial wellness programs, we invite you to join us on June 25th at 10am PDT as Neha Mirchandani, CMO and Jeff Clark, VP of Client Success, at BrightPlan share how a total Financial Wellness solution can support your employees and address top of mind challenges such as managing emergency savings, adjusting budgets and spending to preserve cash.

You’ll also learn more about the pillars of Total Financial Wellness and its benefits including the ability to attract and retain top talent and drive financial confidence.

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