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C-Suite Perspective: The Measurable Value of Total Financial Wellness


Workforce challenges created by the pandemic are significant - fears about job security, lost income, and feelings of isolation to name a few. This has a tangible impact on employee well-being and engagement, with financial wellness playing an important role in enabling employee financial confidence and long-term business success.

In support of their employees, HR leaders are increasingly looking to invest in financial wellness benefits. What is the anticipated value and return on investment of doing this for their company and employees? This is a question that is top of mind not only for benefits leaders but also CHROs and CFOs, as they look to balance priorities and budgets in support of their employees and business.

View the on-demand webinar with Diane Strohfus, Chief People Officer at RMS where she shared her perspectives on:

  • What’s top of mind for the C-Suite in today’s market environment
  • How to balance priorities and budgets that support both their employees and business
  • The measurable benefits to be gained from a financial wellness solution

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