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Achieve your dreams

We built BrightPlan to help you design the life of your dreams.

BrightPlan was built upon a core set of beliefs

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    Live well now, while planning well for the future

    Living well today while making sure you are on a solid, long-term financial path is key to a balanced life.

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    Life is complex, planning shouldn’t be

    Financial planning can be overwhelming. Let BrightPlan be your personal finance mentor.

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    Small changes have a big impact

    Making small, sustainable changes can have a long-lasting impact and create healthy financial habits.

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On your side through all stages of life

Financial wellness means confidently progressing towards your financial goals by following a clear plan to achieve them.

Whether choosing funds for your 401(k), understanding how much to save for a downpayment, or investing in your children's college fund, BrightPlan helps you achieve life's most important goals.

Marthin De Beer

Marthin De Beer

Founder and CEO

On a mission

"I needed a plan."

BrightPlan delivers an exceptional service that inspires people to discover their dreams, set life and financial goals, and easily implement and track their plan. A good plan, well executed, can help make dreams a reality.

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  • Inspiring you
  • Personalizing your plan
  • Helping you relax
  • Building in support
  • Inspiring you

    Visualizing your dreams is an important step towards getting the life you want. When you create a financial plan, we put your goals front and center as an ongoing remider of your financial dreams and accomplishments.

  • Personalizing your plan

    A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't take into account your personal goals and ambitions. By learning about your present and future financial goals we are able to give you tailored advice.

  • Invest with confidence

    You work hard for your money, and we work hard for you. We don't make take any unnecessary risks in a pointless quest to beat the market. Instead, we focus on building a smart and blanced portfolio that grows steadily over time.

  • Building in support

    Achieving goals takes time, persistence, and commitment. When chasing a long-term goal like retirement it can be easy to lose motivation over time. Use our advice to keep your goals on track, and track your progress to stay motivated on the way.

  • Keeping it simple

    Everyone should have an equal chance at financial success. BrightPlan was developed to give everyone the opportunity to receive honest and transparent financial advice. BrightPlan helps you navigate the financial waters as easiy as possible by providing the support you need.

Our people

We have bright ideas because we take ourselves lightly

BrightPlan brings together an experienced team of technologists, innovators, and industry professionals around a common goal: bringing wealth management to everyone, regardless of net worth.

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