2024 BrightPlan Wellness Barometer Survey launched 2024 BrightPlan Wellness Barometer Survey launched

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2021 Impact Innovation Award in Digital Wealth Management: BrightPlan

Aite Group’s Impact Innovation Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate innovation achieved by financial institutions leveraging technology to surpass the status quo. Award recipients are leading the industry by identifying and implementing new products, capabilities, and/or levels of automation and effectiveness that are bringing our industry one step closer to next-generation banking.

As the world continues to grapple with the evolving workplace landscape, employers are actively exploring solutions that support their employees’ well-being so they can stay engaged and productive while working. Addressing employees’ financial stress is an increasingly important way for employers to support employees in these challenging times.

In May 2020, PwC found that 54% of employees report that financial matters cause them the most stress, well ahead of their job (18%) and relationships (12%). Yet few employers provide
adequate tools to help employees with their greatest source of stress. Financial benefits are delivered through financial products in a fragmented fashion, and guidance often focuses on only one piece of an individual’s financial situation, such as saving for retirement through a 401(K) plan.

Learn why BrightPlan is a clear innovator in the crowded financial wellness space. Many financial wellness providers focus primarily on financial education and/or helping employees with short-term financial needs such as cash flow and debt management. BrightPlan offers a more comprehensive platform that includes not only personalized financial education and cash flow management tools but also holistic, fiduciary-level, and goals-based financial planning. Thanks to the solution’s breadth and depth, employers can accommodate the financial goals of all segments of employees, across life stages and wealth profiles.

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