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Open Enrollment: A Continuous Focus on Employee Experience & Well-being


Does your organization continue to face challenges with a high level of employee instability and churn? The open enrollment process provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate a culture of care, and that your company is actively listening and responding to employees’ most pressing needs. It’s a critical time for conveying the value of your benefits offering and helping employees engage with and optimize company-provided benefits. But open enrollment is not just about the benefits enrollment season– done right, it is a strategic ongoing HR process that helps improve the employee experience and well-being of all your employees.

Join Meghan Biro, Founder & CEO of Talent Culture, Dennis Wagner, Producer at Spire Risk Management,  and Neha Mirchandani, CMO & Head of People at BrightPlan to explore  if your organization is well positioned to maximize the value and impact of open enrollment.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Trends impacting the employee benefits landscape
  • Importance of holistic wellness benefits in this year’s open enrollment 
  • How technology is disrupting and enabling the open enrollment experience
  • Specific communication strategies before, during and after open enrollment
  • How to leverage brokers and partners to raise awareness of your company’s benefits offering and help guide employees and their families to make the right benefits decisions  

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